Redefining Wealth

About us a project with 6 ecosystems, investment potential, profitable investor maximum. This video is a quick descriptions of the six ecosystems of the project.

Bitchip is a project start-up of companies DECENTRALIZATION EXCHANGE LTD (known or understood as a project entrusted affiliated investment company received DECENTRALIZATION EXCHANGE LTD). Was established on 31.03.2018 in the UK we are the company include computer scientists and entrepreneurs to invest in startups in Israel to put Blockchain in finance and business, all members activities in the field of science and technology, members Start-up globally with the genius brain leading industry digital money and finance.

Why chose BITCHIP

Why should you join Bitchip , why? We are proud to be a trustworthy and reputable project, receiving delegated capital from the community to create stable profit. We are confident in our possession of world leading technology in crypto mining. On top of that, we offer a physical card, built with optimised security based on newest (tenology) technology, that accepts more than 10 different cryptocurrencies (cash withdrawal from ATMs and accepted in convenient stores, restaurants etc. in over 150 countries). Furthermore, we offer a brilliant cash flow management mechanism based on global timezone rotation. Combining culture-defining developing strategy and atractive, strictly regulated referral rewards, Bitchip has a great potential and it is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out.

Platform is optimally protected by the current state of art. While, cash flow operation mode is smart and in global time zone. The payment policy for connection of users joining is attractive and strict. It is combined with powerful development strategy, culture shaping. From which Bitchip owning opportunity is provided, digital currency is evaluated to be potential.

01. ATM card use UMV CHIP
ATM Bitchip
Withdrawal - More than 150 countries
Money can be withdrawn from ATM machines or swipe the card for payment at the cashier counters in more than 150 countries worldwide.
ATM Bitchip
UMV - International Standard
Currently, UMV is the international standard applied for payment at the banks.
ATM Bitchip
ATM - Cryptocurrency Liquidity
ATM card containing UMV chip has liquidity with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE, etc.
Bitchip Bottrader

BCD is an application supporting an entire auto-transaction and enabling to have continuous auction. BCD integrates a wide range of high-end technologies including:

Bitchip BCD
The software contains data stores of millions of professional traders.
Bitchip BCD
Automation technology does not take much time to generate energy profits. Auto profit profit of 1-2%/day/total account value
Bitchip BCD
Automatic technology does not take much time, energy to generate profit. BCD does not have feelings, feel tired, accordingly trading always with winning spirit.
Bitchip BCD
TMoving and analyzing to find out profitable points to set or delete orders, identify and remove non-profitable and failure points.
03. Exchange
Bitchip exchanges is built on a powerful system, prevent network attacks as well as make sure to meet future market demand. Allows convert fiat money crypto money. The process of identity verification (KYC) and withdrawals will be fastest on the market
Bitchip Exchange
Bitchip Exchange
Build a strong system, prevent network attacks also guaranteed to meet future market demand.
Bitchip Exchange
The process of determining the identity (KYC) and withdrawals will be fastest on the market.
Bitchip Exchange
Ecosystem decentralized exchanges trading all purchases using 100% on transparency blockchain traded ordered by customers.
Bitchip Exchange
Fastest trading platform for customer transactions or cash crypto. Allows convert fiat money crypto money.
04. News chanel and Coin
Bitchip news chanel and coin
Provide investors get the latest update from the market, the article research, discuss potential co-crypto.
Bitchip news chanel and coin
We release coin trading platform developed under a joint stock transaction fee in proportion to the shares. When the market is synonymous with strong brand value rising share of electronic coin value also increased.
05. Financial Turnaround

According to the global time zone

Each country has active working hours of the unit different transactions, as well as depending on the geographical location, will have different time (time zone). With our network of investors and partners worldwide government, Bitchip optimization in the different markets, enabling:
Bitchip Financial Turnaround
Bitchip Financial Turnaround
With global investment networks and partners, Bitchip optimizes trading in various markets, allow Bitchip to have daily financial revolution up to 68h, instead of 24h as normal.
Bitchip Financial Turnaround
Bitchip relies on different time zones around the world for rotation of financial flows to make profit.
Bitchip Financial Turnaround
Bitchip makes use of the maximum geospatial and global time zone for trading up to 65h-68h/day.
Bitchip Mining CHIP
06. Mining CHIP
Bitchip has a startup company in Israel to do research and in association with Bitman, Samsung to release intelligent, modern and most advanced technology mining chips to optimize profit.
Bitchip Mining CHIP
We have researched and will use chips with most advanced technology. 80% pos (proof of stake and only use 20% pow (Proof of Work) helping to reduce electricity costs and have high efficiency. One of the mining technology is going to be used by big ETH coin.
Bitchip Mining CHIP
Bitchip is very small, not take much space, easy to use, extremely electricity saving and easy to be taken to places having cheapest supplies of electricity to operate.
Bitchip Mining CHIP
Using super mining chip technology to exploit high value cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH, LITE … in a complete automatic environment.
Bitchip Mining CHIP
The activities of Bitchip acted on Blockchain platform. Unrestricted and secure for what we made on the most advanced technology. Effective, highest profit.
Photos BITCHIP running reality
Bitchip running reality
Bitchip running reality
Invest with BITCHIP
Package($) Interest + principal Receiving time Total receipt
200 0.78% 300 days 468$
500 0.78% 310 days 1,209$
1,000 0.78% 320 days 2,496$
3,000 0.8% 320 days 7,680$
5,000 0.85% 330 days 14,025$
10,000 0.85% 340 days 28,900$
30,000 0.95% 350 days 99,750$
50,000 1.0% 360 days 180,000$
Withdrawal fee: 3%, Money withdrawal in BTC, ETH
  1. Complete information must be filled in and ID or Passport uploaded when register an account
  2. Free of charge in case of changing payment channel within the system
  3. Maximum payment by investment package/day/order
  4. Interest will be automatically transferred to customers at 8 am in the UK
  5. The customer’s account activated when customer pays money successfully.
  6. The minimum amount to be liquidated is $ 20
BITCHIP focus on community

Our community-centered, branding, product development and technology ecosystem 4.0. With the goal of winning investors, the company partnered wins and wins. Also applying line rotation in the time zone of global currencies trustees also profitable very good (40% of the profits companies retain to build expanded mining system digital currency worldwide, 40% of company profits paid to investors, 10% pay for staff and operating costs of the company, 10% will be put into risk reserve accumulation and development synergy).

Photos community
Video - Community investors Bitchip
Advertising Bitchip in Aeon Mall Phnom Penh Cambodia
Advertising Bitchip at the big building in Cambodia
Advertising Bitchip at the City Center of England
Advertising Bitchip at Vietnam